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Blindside - social training platform for coaches and athletes in individual and team sports.

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Expect - fitness platform for pregnant women

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During the 6 months, Dinko has worked for us at Blindside on the heart of our Flutter mobile application. He brought with him a solid knowledge of best practices in Flutter, carrying a lot of his previous knowledge as a native Android developer. Dinko embodies what you would expect from a Senior developer - he understands the subtleties of software development. Both technical and business communication was near perfect, and Dinko adapted very well to our internal product and software development processes. I would recommend Dinko for working on any type of mobile project where you need a developer that can either take the lead on a project or squash a series of bugs.

Adam Ramirez

CTO at Blindside
It was an absolute pleasure working with Dinko, and I'd work with him again without question. He is a natural engineer with a palpable passion for high-quality execution. Problems are always tackled thoughtfully and with a keen eye for both practicality and best practices, making reasonable trade-offs as necessary. He has excellent communication skills and strong fluency in English such that he is able to articulate complex technical ideas with clarity and nuance. I'm grateful for the time we've worked together so far and for what he was able to teach me about the nuances of his domain.

Joseph Pacheco

CTO & CPO at Expect Fitness

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